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The preceding collage represents a sampling of Bowling Green State University’s Saxophone Quartets from 1977-2002. Personnel in the corresponding numbered photos read from left to right.

Many former quartets were not included in this collection because photographs were not available in Dr. Sampen’s archive. Additional historical pictures would be welcomed for future publications.

  1. 1988 Kevin Heidbreder, Brian Thomas, Matthias Gubler, Kim Bain

  2. 1995 Bill Budai, Guido Baumer, Joel Gronseth, Klara Aradottir

  3. 1984 Valeri Conley, Kevin Heidbreder, Aaron Smith, Beth Shirk

  4. 2001 Lee Morrison, Carey Valente, Leah Kesner, Jimmy Lee

  5. 1992 Dennis Sichner, Lori Moorehead, Jeff Bair, Kevin Heidbreder

  6. 1995 Carrie Gilliland, David Lichtman, Adrienne Welker, Lisa Fiorilli

  7. 1982 Richard Kennell, James Umble, Matt Balensuela, John Sampen

  8. 1980 Scott Cooper, Theresa Witmer, Greg Patko, Eric Fairhurst

  9. 1986 Greg Ruffer, Sandy Bowman, Diana Schmid, Rob Esterle

  10. 1986 Stan George, Beth Bousfield, Wes Miller, Craig Young

  11. 1993 Jason Yost, Kevin Heidbreder, Shannon Ford, Stan George

  12. 2001 Kollister Williams, Steve Leffue, Erik Ronmark, Jeff Price

  13. 1998 David Born, James Stephens, Michelle DeWald, Jessica Barnes

  14. 1982 Lori Moorehead, Kristi Niblack, Shari Kuhn, Allen Fisher

  15. 1979 Chris Ford, Russell Carpenter, John Alpeter, Linda Hartley

  16. 1992 Wes Miller, David Rice, Brian Thomas, Susan Cook

  17. 2001 Greg Cornelius, Jeff Price, Kelli Pence, Jeff McLemore

  18. 1994 Russ Peterson, Marco Albonetti, Amanda Materne, Yiannis Miralis

  19. 2000 Sam Fritz, Bryan Polacek, Erik Ronmark, Chris Blossom

  20. 1978 Barry Hartz, Greg Karpoff, Joe Murphy, Dennis Sichner

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