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Course Expectations

One weekly 45-50 minute lesson per week (or two 30 minute lessons per week for freshmen and sophomores)
Appropriate daily practice on lesson materials (approximately one hour daily practice for each hour of college credit. For example,4 hours college credit = 4 hours of daily practice)
One performance in saxophone master class each semester
Attendance at saxophone master classes and saxophone recitals
Participation in scale juries (undergraduates) during 2nd semester
Participation in final semester juries (with piano accompaniment as appropriate)


Grading Procedures

The final semester grade is based on a weekly and semester-long performance record. Consideration will be taken for all of the following:

  1. WEEKLY SAXOPHONE LESSON: Grades will be given for each lesson. Responsibility for lesson preparation is assumed by the student. If at any time it is felt that the student is unprepared, the lesson will end and that person will practice for the remainder of the scheduled lesson time. This will affect the grade.

  2. LESSON ATTENDANCE: Lesson attendance is required; unexcused lessons (e.g., forgetfulness, too much homework, finding an early ride home, etc.) may result in lowering the final semester grade by one letter. In case of illness, family emergency, or class conflicts, lessons may be rescheduled at the discretion of the professor during the semester or during finals week. If the professor misses a lesson, it will be made-up at the earliest convenient time.

  3. FINAL JURY PERFORMANCES: Grades issued by the faculty jury will be averaged as a portion of the final grade. A low jury grade (C or worse) may result in probation for that student.

  4. SCALE JURY (Undergraduates only): Students are required to take and pass a minimum proficiency scale jury each year. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to pass the prescribed scale exercises will result in a semester grade of C or lower.

  5. ATTITUDE AND GROWTH: Each student will be assessed on an individual basis. This category includes attendance, involvement and performance at saxophone master classes, seminars and recitals, one's excitement about the learning process, one's dedication to personal goals and ideals, the development of a strong work ethic, and the ability to successfully contribute to a musical community.

  6. COURSE EVALUATIONS: Every student enrolled in applied music study is required to submit course evaluations before a grade is released. The evaluations must be returned to and recognized by the appropriate CMA Music Office Staff (evaluation due by 5:00PM on the last day fo the class each semester). Failure to return an evaluation will result in an incomplete grade.

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